GRWM: Gold Halo Eye Makeup

This get ready with me, I tried to do a halo eyes look.
If you’re interested, please watch the video ❀


Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Testing

Today I tested the new “lip tint” that I bought.

I never been a fan of lip tint to be honest.

But I really want to try. I already tested my sister’s lip tint (she really loves lip tint!) but I don’t really like it.

Lip tint tends to make lips dry.

And I have a dry lip… That’s my big problem with lip tint..

My sister loves Etude House Gel Lip Tint.

It’s good lip tint, very cheap, the colors variant are so beautiful. But I have to prepare my lips before I use it.

Long story short, I found this Peripera lip tint kinda anddd everyone says it really thin, light weight, velvety texture (like its name) and the colors are natural.

So I searched and bought it.

The price is really good though, not as cheap as Etude one but still really affordable.

The tip is nice to apply on the lips.

I love the texture!!!

It’s really soft like whipped cream but better. After a few seconds it’s just feel disappear. Like I don’t use anything on my lips.

I just fell in love with it πŸ’•

IT IS really lightweight.

Mine in the shade #2 Pretty Orange Pink.

You can use it bold or naturally.

Test 1

It still there though.

Because of the lightning factor it just seen fader.

Test 2

I just ate my lunch and it’s not as intense as before. Just shade of pink on my lips.

Pardon my face…. Just got back at home and picture myself.

It’s fading? Yes.

After a heavy meal.

But my lips just looked naturally pink.

Usually my lips just ugly pale…

How do you think about lip tint?

Do you like it or not?

Or it’s a must have for you?

Miniso Eyelid Glue

Have you tried any eyelid glue?
Me haven’t.

I knew about this thing because I watched Pony.
She used her eyelash glue to make her lids bigger.
But I never tried to do that.

When I went to new Japan store called Miniso, I saw this.


And I bought it.
I’ve told you before about how annoyed I am because my lids crease are not in the same size. It makes my eye look smaller on the left and bigger on the right side.
So I’m so excited to try this thing.
The ordinary eyelid tape is good, but still it’s not invisible enough cause eyeshadow can’t blend well there.






First time I tried and failed.
Not look the same on both eyes.

And then I achieved what I want and start to do my eye makeup.
It’s better than eyelids tape. Still there are some patchiness when I applied colors on my crease.
But so far so good, if you want your crease more deep or you have monolid eye maybe you have to give this a try.


My Brushes

Hello again~

I’m sorry about 2 weeks without post or anything..
So many things just happened and I am truly sorry for breaking my promise on this blog.

So, today I will talk about my brushes that I always use.
They’re from 3 different brands.

For the very first time, I bought Morphe travel size brushes and added to my collection.
I love Morphe brushes. They are soft and blend products really good.
They easily washed and still look like the first time I bought them.

Then, I bought Real Techniques Core collection I think. And… they are really good like everybody said. From there, I started to buy single brush from Masami Shouko.
In my country, Masami Shouko brushes is raved by many Indonesian beauty vlogger.
In my opinion, I like using them but I just don’t like how they looked after I washed them. Not neat again. But they still do their job and not expensive.

It’s the buffing brush from Real Techniques. I always use this guy for powder my face and blend the bronzer and the blush so they looks seamless. I also use this for cleaning my face after baking.


Like its name, I use it for contour my cheeks, my nose (by press the hair so it becomes straight line), and also my forehead.


It’s the multitask brush. So, I usually used it for blush. But if I want really bronzy look, I use this for bronzing my whole face.


I’m not a huge fan of highlighters. I am really a matte person because I have oily skin. Maybe everyone told me dewy is not oily. But… in my eyes… especially on the nose…. it remains me when my nose got oily super quick. Well, I don’t hate highlighter, but I use it not too much…
And by the way, I use this angled brush for my highlight.



This 2 guys are from Masami Shouko no. 38.
The pink one I love use it for blend the transition color all over my crease.
The black one, I think it’s more precise… (I know they’re all 38 but they different I think)
so I use the black one to deepen my crease / outer V.


This the pointed crease brush from Morphe. I love to smudge my lower lash line with it. And sometimes I use it for my inner corner as well.


It’s Masami Shouko no. 207. I bought it for smudging my lower lash precisely, but it hurts my eyes. Well, maybe I pick the wrong guy. So, I use it for inner corner and brow bone highlight.


The classic base shadow brush. I use it for setting my eyes after I put concealer.


Same. Base shadow brush but it’s from Real Techniques. I use it for my lids color.


This guy I love for my eyebrows when I used pomade-type-of-brow-product. I use this for brow powder as well.


I have this tiny guy on my brush bag.. but I never use it. I always use pen liner (and I don’t have gel liner :”) So, I don’t know if it works well or not. I always bring it in case I need fine line brush.

I have 2 more brush; both classic foundation brush.
I never do my foundation with brush.. I use them for applying face masks.

Okay, that’s all what I want to talk about.
I hope somehow this can help any of you. (for picking brush(?) πŸ˜€)


Mauve Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Hello everyone!
This week I made a tutorial with mauve eye look, which is a bit smokey but still in wearable side.

The look just used one palette from LA Girl, the “Nudes” one.
I bought this palette a year ago because I fell in love with the color. Honestly, I love UD Naked 3 but I couldn’t afford it that day. So alternatively, I bought the LA Girl one.
Not as good as the original of course.. but we can make it work πŸ˜‰

Okay, I hope you like the video!
Still in learning process of taking + editing videos ._.