The First Visit

18 – 20 March

He has came.
The happiest.

It’s been a whole two weeks I didn’t see him. Usually, we always meet every single day.. because we work in the same place. The first time I met him also in the office.
Now we have to stay in different places and can’t see each other, except via video call..
But suddenly, the office has an outing trip to Bali! We just really happy and very thankful. At least we can meet after the office’s event.

The first day, I drove to his last restaurant for the day to have a dinner. Finally we met!
It was great but a bit awkward because I also met the others from the office.. We weren’t “free” to express our feeling~
We got our dinner at Abians The Banjar. It’s a buffet dinner and we make sure we have all the dishes that served.


That’s me… waiting to have the next dishes 😛

After the buffet dinner, we off to his cousins’ place (his cousin work in the restaurant in Bali).
But.. our stomach were too full to have another meal.. moreover… the restaurant, Teatro Gastroteque,  is a fine dining styled. So we decided to have only a dessert. The services are really really great. We served really well.

Before we had our dessert.. they gave us some compliment dishes (I didn’t take any photos of them 😦 because I was really busy snapping them to my instagram story :P). And they were all above our expectation. We were really really full before our dessert came out! Those are our desserts.


My man chose “Sweet” dessert.. so he had everything chocolate!
I love the chocolate mousse but for me it’s too sweet. I prefer to taste a bit of the bitterness of chocolate. Well, maybe it’s just me because he love it so much.


That’s my choice. I chose “Sour” dessert because I was full enough to have something sweet. There are a sorbet (the red one), a coconut something (I forgot! the white one), the orange-yellow one are….. I think some orange or mango I’m not sure… but all of them taste good.

I recommend to visit Teatro Gastroteque in Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali.
The place is so romantic, the service so good, and the food is in good quality.. but yeah they are pricy though.
That’s all about day one.


The second day..
I just met him in a short time..
After his activities, he came to my house. We talked together and also with my parents.
Because it was almost midnight, my dad drove him back to his hotel in Kuta.
That’s all about our second day.. but I’m still grateful that we met.

The third day aka the LAST day

I drove to Krisna Gallery where he will shop for gifts. We just sat in the food court there.. enjoyed our Gelatos and talked~
After that, he drove to the airport and I accompanied him until boarding time.
It was so sad.. We just met in short time. It wasn’t enough. But we promise that we will met again shortly.  🙂



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