Foodies: Nook Umalas

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey guys, today I will talk about my first Foodies category in this blog.
Few days ago, my sisters and I went to brunch and have girls day out for the first time. Why I say the first time? It’s because that was the first time we hang out (after a long break, separated on different islands) and drove by ourselves.. no Uber, no taxi 😛
We went brunch at Nook, Umalas. Nook is a restaurant that serves Western and Indonesian (Balinese) cuisines, located alongside the rice fields. They have super cozy environment and beautiful scenery, perfect for taking photos for instagram also this blog XD
Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos about the restaurant… my bad.
I just took few photos about my meal that day and my self of course. We just too busy chit-chat-ing and of course eat! But I promise to you all, I will take more photos on next foodies tag so I can give the “prove” to my opinion about the place. Maybe you will interest to come visit too.



One of my sisters and I couldn’t choose between those two meals. So, we decided to order both and ate them together. This is a good way if you couldn’t choose one but you have friend/s who have same confusion as you and you end up tasted all. Left meal is called Zuericher rahm geschnetzeltes. I usually don’t like creamy base.. but it’s different! I love it. It’s creamy but light. Not like carbonara one, for me it’s more thick. In the menu, it says grilled chicken breast cut it stripes with mushroom, cooked in white wine reduced cream sauce, served with macaroni pasta or rice. I choose macaroni pasta ’cause I think it’s more suitable. In the right, it’s Tagliatelle with Salmon. For me, it’s not as delicious as the Zuericher one. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like the creamy herb sauce that is cooked with the pasta.


Me with the backlight situation.




Me with more backlight situation.

My other sister chose some meatballs meal with mashed potato and mushroom sauce (I don’t know what it’s called). I don’t have the photo so I can’t show it to you. After that meal, she wasn’t satisfied enough. So, she ordered chicken wings for “dessert” and in the picture above, I was eating the chicken wing, just to know how it taste.



The conclusion.

I love the place.
I love the meals.
The service is good.
The price is not so pricy.. average range I think.

I absolutely will go to this restaurant again soon with my boyfie. Look at the picture above, there are some wooden chair for two people, facing the rice fields, I want to sit there with him and have some meals….. aaannd I’m daydreaming right now. Can’t wait to see it happen.
How about you?
Let me know in the comment!



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