Foodies: Finns Beach Club Canggu

Hey guys, welcome back to my Foodies series!
Last Saturday, my old friends invited me to go out. These old friends are my friends from Junior/Senior High School. We went to Finns Beach Club at Canggu.



This place is perfect for relaxing, have some drinks, swimming, chit-chat-ing and enjoying the beach (+sun!). Unfortunately, last Saturday is sooo cloudy and then… it was raining. So sad! 😦


There are just few non-alcohol drinks at Finns Beach Club. So, I just had some iced Cappuccino. For meals, just there are some snacks there in their “Bites” Category. We were a little bit hungry and wanted some actual meals but there’s no heavy meal. So, we just ordered some bites meal; fried octopus and babi guling spring roll (two of my friends ordered it and I didn’t take photos of theirs food). The foods are so so… not great but not bad also (my friends asked me to taste it :P). But for IDR 80k, they are so pricy because you just get really small amount of food. Well, the place like this, you will always pay more for the view, not for the food or drink in my opinion.







there is gelato bar! and I saw it when we already wanted to go 😦


The team last Saturday (minus 9 others)

From Canggu, we drove to Babi Guling Slingsing at Desa Cepaka, Tabanan. And.. this is our dinner !
This is Balinese special dish and it’s so delicious. You have to try it when you come to Bali. The only thing I didn’t like personally is that black/dark purple-round shaped one on the left side of the picture below.
After had dinner, we went home and sleep tightly 🙂


Babi Guling by Bu Suci


What do you think? What places you want to know in Bali next? or maybe next topic?
Let me know in the comment!




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