Current Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys, welcome back to my blog!
Today I will talk about my current skin care routine.

These products are my favourite skin care at the moment. All products are obviously purchased by myself. I will give the reasons why I bought it, why keep use it and repurchase 🙂



The first product is my cleanser at the moment.
It’s from The Face Shop, Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing. First time I used it, I doubt it will work for me. I usually have a cleanser that less soapy and left my face super soft and moisturized. But this cleanser will leave your skin feel really clean  but not really moisturized and feels tight.
That time I have acne problem. So, I tried many cleanser that had tree tea on, salicylic acid, etc. but no products worked for me. My aunt suggested to use this Face Shop one and I tried. So far, my skin is so much better.. I just have acne once a month (because of my period) but sometimes there’s no at all.
Next it’s my moisturizer team.




Currently I use a serum from Kiehl’s. It started when I had a sample of it. I purchased a lip balm from Kiehl’s because I have a really chapped lip. Their lip balm is so good! Every time I feel my lip hurts I use it and it disappear slowly. Back to the topic, I purchased it and I ask for moisturizer that maybe suits me. He (the salesclerk?) gave me some samples. One of the samples is the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. This serum is amazing. After had some acne on my face, it was textured, so dry, and sore. But this serum has fixed it. My face is soft and smooth again. Well, there’s still a scar on my forehead (I don’t think it will disappear but I will try) but overall my dry skin feel so much better now.


What I love about this serum is its packaging. It’s a pump. So, it will less contaminated in my opinion. It has gel-like concentrate. Absorbed to the skin quickly and smoothen the skin.


On the website, they said it is a serum concentrate that gives new life to dull, tired skin. I agreed.
It utilizes next generation liquid-to-serum technology to intensively hydrate skin’s deepest surface layers, clinically demonstrated to help correct the signs of age-related dehydration, youthfully plumps skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines & rough texture, and formulated with a potent complex of 15% plant-based Glycerin and Shiso Leaf Extract.



Next is my current favourite moisturizer.
My boyfriend bought it for me. He asked what kind of moisturizer that suits my combination skin. I used Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration before but it’s discontinued. So sad.
He bought me Clearly Corrective Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream from Kiehl’s.
It also has the hydration my skin needs.
The only thing that I dislike, it’s the jar. Unhygienic for me. But it’s okay, every intense moisturizers has this kind of jar.




On the web, it said it is a skin tone correcting moisturizing cream. It’s highly effective, skin clarifying moisturizing cream intensively corrects uneven skin tone, provides continuous 24-hour hydration while visibly diminishing dark spots and discoloration, has activated C helps diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and prevents the formation of new ones, instantly hydrates skin and provides long-term radiance, and it’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free,  dermatologist-tested.

I used to have sunscreen after this but I don’t repurchase it. Maybe I should think about having a sunscreen later. (I know the bad things the sun done to our skin. Calm down.) If you have some recommendations about sunscreen, let me know 😀

Special Treatment


As you know, I’m still struggling with acne (maybe everyone does). I use Oxy Acne Pimple Medication 10. Some of you may say it’s too harsh to the skin but the 10 one that handle my pimple well.



It is a white cream contains 10% benzoyl peroxide that will fight the acne.
If you new to benzoyl peroxide, try the 5% first.
This medication is really makes your skin dry. Be careful.


Micellar Water


Another product that I want to mention here is Bioderma Sensibio H20. I always use this guy to remove my makeup or just to make my skin extra clean. It never sting my eyes that’s what I love the most!
I know Bioderma is everybody’s favourite and included me 🙂

Facial Spray



I use this Evian Facial Spray whenever I need refreshment. I also use this when I start my makeup routine.

Okay, that’s all my skin care routines.
What about you? What skin care do you like?
Let me know in the comment 🙂

I’m not an expert, I just shared my routines and I just use products that worked for me. Please note, the products that have worked for me not always will worked to anyone else. Some ingredients maybe not good for you.
It’s like trial and error. Thanks 😉




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