Foodies: Bebek Binjay

Hello Guys!
Welcome back to the Foodies series.
Today I will talk about Bebek Binjay at Teuku Umar, Denpasar.

Recently, I went there with my grandpa, grandma and my sister to have lunch together.
Like its name, they served duck in many types of dishes; fried, grilled, served with noodles, kwetiaw, pasta, etc.
But we just chose the old way: fried.


We ordered 3 fried duck, 1 fried chicken, and capcay (sauted vegetables and tofu). For this kind of duck dish, Bebek Binjay has a good price than the other restaurant. Their fried duck is delicious and their “sambal” are the bomb! Really tasteful and spicy.
You definitely have to try, if you like duck dishes.






There are outdoor place and indoor place to eat. We ate at the outdoor one because my grandpa want to smoke :”
The place is quite comfy. We love the dishes and will eat at Bebek Binjay again soon.

Do you like duck dishes?
Let me know in the comment!



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