The Second Visit

Hey Guys~
Welcome again to my blog 🙂

Last week, my boyfie came to see me for the second time since I have to live in Bali.
We have planned it since he got back to Jakarta last March.
In this post, I will tell you the whole story, I mean the whole trip, where we went to spend time together and then I will give my opinion about the foods we have tried in individual post later (except for the day 1). Yeah, you have to wait, sorry 😛
The posts will up every Thrusday like usual.

Day 1 – 28 April

I woke up early that day. I had something to do. Yup. I had to go to the airport and picked him up. Well, he came at 12 o’clock, not really early in the morning but… you know~ I have to look great right? XD It took me an hour ++!
Because that an hour++ thing, I came late to pick him. So sad. The traffic was not supported me that day.

But who cares? I met him.

Is it normal to feel awkward when he first came into my car? after a month and few days no see? Have you ever feel that way?
Well, at least it’s just for few minutes.
I really miss him so much!

The first stop is Beachwalk Mall. A mall? Yeah…
We haven’t watched for a long time. So I took him to the mall than the beach if you curious about my decision 😛
We planned to watch Fast and Furious 8 that day.

While waited for the schedule, we had lunch.
We already decided days ago that we will go for dimsum. So, we went to Paradise Dynasty that day.


Our lunch that day…but not complete yet!

We were soo hungry!
We lost our appetite when we have to be separated in different cities. And that day we ate together again. Just being pathetic? No. That’s the way it was.

We ordered a pork La Mian with garlic pork ribs (I forgot the name!), a wonton soup, deep fried prawn wonton with cheese, 6 pcs original Xiao Long Bao, and steamed pork dumpling “siew mai”.
I’m sorry I didn’t take photos well that day. I really busy to talk and laughs.

The foods..

My fave that day was the cheese wonton! (I hope I didn’t have canker sore that day)
The fried pork is also so yummy. But I don’t like the la mian. Actually, that specific la mian. I do remember I love their sour-sweet La Mian or something it called. For me the la mian is plain.. because I don’t really like pork soup without strong seasoning like adding chilli and more salt. Indonesian’s tongue problem (I think).

source: Paradise Group

Their Xiao Long Bao is nice. But make sure you eat them when it’s warm. ‘Cause for me, when they’re not warm, they’re not delicious as they have to.

Their dumpling is good. But nothing surprise me.
And my least favorite was the wonton soup. I don’t like it.
Yeah.. it’s the same thing with the fried one without cheese. But like I said before.. I don’t like the soup. That’s all.

The restaurant..

The restaurant is not too big. Looked like usual chinese food restaurant.
I love the decorations behind us. It’s like bubble glass. It makes the restaurant pretty in my opinion. They served the foods on cute plates/bowls too.
The price… is average to high for chinese restaurant.
It’s worth it? I have to make sure of it. I just order their dimsum… and they are not surprising me. There’s other restaurant that serve dimsum like that.
Will I come again? Maybe..



together 💚💙_170504_0531

That day we were red team.

Day 2 – 29 April

The second day, he promised my sister to take her with us and treat her lunch.
So, we went to Wahaha and have some ribs steak that day.
After that we went to Timezone, a play ground like game station. My boyfriend and I want to play Pump, dance game, like we used to do after office in Jakarta. Unfortunately, the machine was on repair that day. So, we play some other games. We tried to get dolls. But Timezone in Bali placed their dolls in the machine too close to each other. It sucks!

We just got two dolls.
Well, “we”. Haha. He got it. I’m his cheerleader.
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-04 at 11.47.20.jpeg

I haven’t named them yet. So, any idea?
Well, name it please sir? Yeah you. You know you have to name them. 

Day 3 – 30 April

Last day….
Time just flies so fast when you were here~
The last day we went shopping for his family.
Then we drove to Seminyak and walked around Kayu Aya Street.
First stop, had morning tea at .Temu Coffee and then had lunch at Chandi.

Make sure you check out my other posts to know more about those 3 places we went and my opinion about the place.
See you later!



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