Beauties: Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Series

I have tried Sensatia Botanicals products in the past 6 months. The first product I tried was Normal Oily Combo Facial Hydrate.
Actually, that day, I was obsessed about Facial Oil. My face was getting dry and dryer that day because of my acne medication.
When I went to Fukuoka, Japan, my friend told me about Aesop and we went to Amu Plaza Hakata. They recommended the Fabulous Face Oil to me and that oil is so good!
I love what it done to my skin. But…. the price is so expensive to me. 😦
So, I just tried their samples.

Later, back in Jakarta, I went to Sephora ID website and checked out their face oil products. There’s Sensatia Botanicals. Then I bought their Normal Oily Combo Facial Hydrate. It’s nice. It helped my acne. But I can’t say it’s the same as the Fabulous Face Oil.
So, back to the story..

I recently purchased their Acne Clarifying Facial Scrub and Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask. Again.. I bought it because I want a mask,  like Glam Glow Tinglexfoliate one..but that’s expensive. Lately, I searched at Sephora again and found the charcoal mask from Sensatia with a good reviews. Then I watched my friend’s Instagram Story, she used it and she said it did a good job. So, I bought it (plus the scrub :P).


When I received the package, I immediately opened it and I was surprised. There are 3 boxes and I only ordered 2. Sensatia gave me a bonus; Room Mist Detoxifying. It smell strange to me. Really plant-based. But the more I use it, more I love it.

The Acne Clarifying Facial Scrub.
Well,  I only use it twice. After that, my face felt so smooth and brighten.
The scrub didn’t harsh to my face. I love that.
So far, my face didn’t show any negative effect to the product.

Then, the Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask.
I used it once. My face felt tight after I used it. So far, I don’t see any difference in my face. Just smoothen. Yeah… I just used it once.


I use Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush to apply the mask.
It like a cream, feels like a little bit wet (than the mask I’ve got from Kiehl’s).



Don’t scared people!

The only complaint is it stings my eyes when I applied it.
It really bothered me. And I don’t know why it happened.
Fortunately, the stings disappear after the mask dried.

That’s all about my review.
See you next time on Beauties ❤




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