Derma Angel Review



Derma Angel is one of the brands which has Acne Patch on their acne regimen (and sold in Indonesia). Acne patch is used to cover acne, protect acne from dirty (-hands), absorb excess fluid, and make healing time faster.



Derma Angel has their day-care and night-care acne patch. In this post, I used day (white packaging) and night (blue packaging) in different packaging, each package has 12 pieces. But they also sell day and night care in one packaging (baby blue). There are 12 pcs day-care patches and 6 pcs night-care patches.




I have tried another acne patch from 3M, but I have to choose this Derma Angel one. Their more thin, more sticky, and more healing the acne.
At the packaging, they claim it’s waterproof, invisible, and breathable.
Yes, it’s waterproof, I used it once at night and forgot to brush my teeth. It stays. Sticked to my face. The morning after, it adsorbed the fluid as normal.
For the invisible, it’s more invisible than the other I’ve tried. It still visible if you looked closely, but it’s comfortable enough to wear. They said it will help makeup application. But I think it didn’t look good.
Breathable… I don’t really know that. How do I know that?

For me, this acne patch really does its job.
It’s thin and comfortable also healing my acne.


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