Eat and Eat

It was the third times he came to Bali.
Visited me. This time, he stayed 3 nights 4 days.

On the third day, we went shopping and eating all day. Well, half day.
I met him at noon.
We went shopping first until we got hungry.
First stop was Nasi Gudeg and Nasi Liwet at Warung Danukusuman. They’re Indonesian food, Solo to be exact.


He ordered Nasi Gudeg Jumbo with Opor Ayam and I ordered my most favorite Nasi Liwet. Not in jumbo size because it’s still Javanese food, they have sweet taste on their dishes. Even though I love Nasi Liwet but it still a bit sweet for me. It’s just me okay, I don’t like sweet taste in big meal like lunch, dinner.. em.. I confused to explain about that btw. They are both great food and extremely popular don’t get me wrong.
And.. At Warung Danukusuman, the price is really affordable and their food are delicious. I really recommend this place if love Javanese food. They located at Jl. Mahendradatta Selatan No.7, Denpasar.

After that I want to let him know about the famous Roti Canai place in Bali.
So, we went to Roti Canai Bunana at Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur No.1, Sanur.


We just ordered one, my favorite, because we just ate that day. XD
Those Roti Canai with egg and cheese, served with curry.
I really miss this dish.


After a while..
It was so hot that day. So he want something cold.
Because we were in Sanur, I choose gelato from Massimo.
We enjoyed them while walked at the beach.

For dinner, we went to Three Monkeys.








The place is so comfy, but dark.. maybe I have to call it romantic?
They have such a beautiful place to have dinner. I love the atmosphere there.
We ordered Fettuccine Bebek Be Tutu and some fried noodle.
The fried noodle taste like Mie Tek Tek in Jakarta and quite delicious.
But the fettuccine… I don’t like it at all.. I only ate half maybe. The fettuccine was overcooked for me. The seasoning.. bad. The duck.. I don’t know, I didn’t feel like I was eating duck meat, but duck skin. I just think the fettuccine is not worth it.
I’m sorry but we were disappointed. Well, maybe we just ordered the wrong menu.
We also didn’t like the service. One waitress only, but it makes us don’t want to go again.

That’s conclude our food journey in a day (minus breakfast).
See you again in the next post 🙂



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