#just5things : In My Bag

I am a youtube lover and I saw Byrdie channel‘s doing some kind of series included #just5things.
It made me want to participate.

So here’s my first #just5things in my bag… but this is the REAL 5 things that have to be in my bag. Not like in youtube, most of them shared that 5 things that must in their bag are beauty products. Well.. not me πŸ™‚


1. Wallet !!!

Please? I have to bring my wallet with me… At least money (in debit/credit/ cash form whatever).
How could I go without money? Without ID? Driver license?
So for me, wallet is the number 1.

2. Lip balm

My lips maybe one of the dryer lips in the world. Kidding.
But my lips is really really and easily dry. Sometimes it feels hurt.
So, I always bring my lip balm with me for safety ✌🏻.

Right now, I’m using L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip BalmΒ and if I want some pinky flush on my lips, I useΒ Canmake Stay on Balm RougeΒ (it’s a gift from Japan, but now it sells in Indonesia).
But for moisturize my sick lips, the L’Occitane one didn’t do the job well like my previous lip balm from Kiehl’s. So, I will not repurchase and back to Kiehl’s.

3. Tissue

This is a lifesaver.
Everything bad happened it could be the helper. Sweat, dirts, oils, etc.
I always bring it with me.

I love Paseo Baby tissue, because they’re super smooth!
You can buy it here.

4. Blotting Paper

The truth is I’m not really sure who the winner was, this blotting paper one or tissue..
Sometimes I got both.
Sometimes I just grab my blotting paper when I use smaller bag. Sometimes I just have my tissue.
I love them the same 🀣
I use STF Sweat & Oil Clear Film.

5. Hair PinΒ (big one)

In my country it has famous name “Jedai“. It will makes your hair look fabulous. Wavy.
I always bring it to prepare if I went to places with hot temperature. lol. Good explanation girl!
Just prepare if my hair had bad hair day, like too windy.
Okay, that’s all my #just5things in my bag!

What about you?



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