Trying To Do Cut Crease :”

So, I really bored and went to my bedroom and done some “experiment”.
I really love cut crease look, but I don’t think it will looks good on me because my eye is….. hooded? no.. my crease are not the same.. emm how to explain that? You can see in the picture below, my bare face, my creases are not identical.



But today, I changed my mind and tried to do a cut crease eye look.
I still used my sweet peach palette in this look.
First, after primed & set my eyelids with skin-color eyeshadow, I build up the brown color above my crease.
After I was satisfied enough, I started to make cut crease with my concealer and set it with the same eyeshadow I used when primed-and-set. Then I added the color “Luscious” on the cut-crease area.
Added eyeliner for moreΒ cat eye effect, mascara, false lashes, and added purple shadow “Delectable” on the palette on my lower lash line.

Finished the face like always.
For lips, I used Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry 225 and I topped it with BLP Beauty Lip Coat in Butter Fudge.










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