Jin Jin Bali

I miss donburi meal near my ex-office and my sister has been wanting to try Jin Jin, a donburi teppan restaurant at Renon.
So, we decided to go there and have lunch.








me with tired face

The place not too big but not too small either.
They have comfortable environment, like any Japanese Restaurant in general.
We order at the cashier and pay first.
My sister ordered Beef Yakiniku Don and I ordered Chicken Katsu Don, comfort food.
I always like chicken more than beef.


The taste’s not bad. Yummy though.
But.. I love my Donburi Ichiya more.. And this couldn’t cure my craving.
For the price, I expected Japanese rice which is more chewy. I think in those bowls are regular rice.
I love how they cooked the eggs under the chicken katsu.
For the beef one, I can’t say anything. It’s yakiniku. I’m not a fan of all yakiniku meal.
So.. you know that I won’t like it.

That’s all about my visit to Jin Jin.
See you again!



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