Face Scrub Update! Stay or Switch?

Do you remember my older post about Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Series?
In that post, I tested the facial scrub and the mask.
And…. my final thought is… I will not use it again.

The Mask.
I noticed that after used it several times, I can’t handle the stings. I already used it reaally far from eye area.. but still.. it stings. Also, my face didn’t feel happy with the mask. My face becomes itchy everytime I used (after the first impression). So I don’t like it.

The Scrub.
With this one I don’t really have any complaints.
But.. I don’t use it again after my face became itch.
And I just bought another scrub from St. Ives.
Yeah, the famous Apricot Srub.



Gigi Hadid loves it and swears by it! That’s why I tried it to be honest.
And.. I LOVE IT!
It makes my face soo smooth. Even smoother and brighter than the Sensatia one (and I think also greater than the Kiehl’s one that I’ve tried).
I really really love it.

I just read that this scrub is bad and just got lawsuit problems.
I really confused and sad because it feels so good…
What do you think about this? Let me know..



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