My Brushes

Hello again~

I’m sorry about 2 weeks without post or anything..
So many things just happened and I am truly sorry for breaking my promise on this blog.

So, today I will talk about my brushes that I always use.
They’re from 3 different brands.

For the very first time, I bought Morphe travel size brushes and added to my collection.
I love Morphe brushes. They are soft and blend products really good.
They easily washed and still look like the first time I bought them.

Then, I bought Real Techniques Core collection I think. And… they are really good like everybody said. From there, I started to buy single brush from Masami Shouko.
In my country, Masami Shouko brushes is raved by many Indonesian beauty vlogger.
In my opinion, I like using them but I just don’t like how they looked after I washed them. Not neat again. But they still do their job and not expensive.

It’s the buffing brush from Real Techniques. I always use this guy for powder my face and blend the bronzer and the blush so they looks seamless. I also use this for cleaning my face after baking.


Like its name, I use it for contour my cheeks, my nose (by press the hair so it becomes straight line), and also my forehead.


It’s the multitask brush. So, I usually used it for blush. But if I want really bronzy look, I use this for bronzing my whole face.


I’m not a huge fan of highlighters. I am really a matte person because I have oily skin. Maybe everyone told me dewy is not oily. But… in my eyes… especially on the nose…. it remains me when my nose got oily super quick. Well, I don’t hate highlighter, but I use it not too much…
And by the way, I use this angled brush for my highlight.



This 2 guys are from Masami Shouko no. 38.
The pink one I love use it for blend the transition color all over my crease.
The black one, I think it’s more precise… (I know they’re all 38 but they different I think)
so I use the black one to deepen my crease / outer V.


This the pointed crease brush from Morphe. I love to smudge my lower lash line with it. And sometimes I use it for my inner corner as well.


It’s Masami Shouko no. 207. I bought it for smudging my lower lash precisely, but it hurts my eyes. Well, maybe I pick the wrong guy. So, I use it for inner corner and brow bone highlight.


The classic base shadow brush. I use it for setting my eyes after I put concealer.


Same. Base shadow brush but it’s from Real Techniques. I use it for my lids color.


This guy I love for my eyebrows when I used pomade-type-of-brow-product. I use this for brow powder as well.


I have this tiny guy on my brush bag.. but I never use it. I always use pen liner (and I don’t have gel liner :”) So, I don’t know if it works well or not. I always bring it in case I need fine line brush.

I have 2 more brush; both classic foundation brush.
I never do my foundation with brush.. I use them for applying face masks.

Okay, that’s all what I want to talk about.
I hope somehow this can help any of you. (for picking brush(?) 😀)



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