Miniso Eyelid Glue

Have you tried any eyelid glue?
Me haven’t.

I knew about this thing because I watched Pony.
She used her eyelash glue to make her lids bigger.
But I never tried to do that.

When I went to new Japan store called Miniso, I saw this.


And I bought it.
I’ve told you before about how annoyed I am because my lids crease are not in the same size. It makes my eye look smaller on the left and bigger on the right side.
So I’m so excited to try this thing.
The ordinary eyelid tape is good, but still it’s not invisible enough cause eyeshadow can’t blend well there.






First time I tried and failed.
Not look the same on both eyes.

And then I achieved what I want and start to do my eye makeup.
It’s better than eyelids tape. Still there are some patchiness when I applied colors on my crease.
But so far so good, if you want your crease more deep or you have monolid eye maybe you have to give this a try.



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