Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Testing

Today I tested the new “lip tint” that I bought.

I never been a fan of lip tint to be honest.

But I really want to try. I already tested my sister’s lip tint (she really loves lip tint!) but I don’t really like it.

Lip tint tends to make lips dry.

And I have a dry lip… That’s my big problem with lip tint..

My sister loves Etude House Gel Lip Tint.

It’s good lip tint, very cheap, the colors variant are so beautiful. But I have to prepare my lips before I use it.

Long story short, I found this Peripera lip tint kinda anddd everyone says it really thin, light weight, velvety texture (like its name) and the colors are natural.

So I searched and bought it.

The price is really good though, not as cheap as Etude one but still really affordable.

The tip is nice to apply on the lips.

I love the texture!!!

It’s really soft like whipped cream but better. After a few seconds it’s just feel disappear. Like I don’t use anything on my lips.

I just fell in love with it πŸ’•

IT IS really lightweight.

Mine in the shade #2 Pretty Orange Pink.

You can use it bold or naturally.

Test 1

It still there though.

Because of the lightning factor it just seen fader.

Test 2

I just ate my lunch and it’s not as intense as before. Just shade of pink on my lips.

Pardon my face…. Just got back at home and picture myself.

It’s fading? Yes.

After a heavy meal.

But my lips just looked naturally pink.

Usually my lips just ugly pale…

How do you think about lip tint?

Do you like it or not?

Or it’s a must have for you?


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